NZWC Recognized with Clean 50 and Clean 16 Awards

In just a few years, the National Zero Waste Council has made impressive progress building Canadian awareness of, and commitment to, waste prevention. Now those efforts have been recognized with the prestigious Clean 50 and Clean 16 sustainability awards.

The National Zero Waste Council and Metro Vancouver received Canada’s 2018 Clean50 and Clean16 awards for demonstrated leadership in sustainability excellence.

Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organizations to recognize those 50 individuals and small teams, from 16 different categories, who have made a significant contribution to advancing the cause of sustainability.

In addition to the Clean50 Awards, the category leader is also bestowed with the Clean16 award. Recipients of the team awards for the National Zero Waste Council and Metro Vancouver include Greg Moore, Metro Vancouver Board Chair, Director Malcolm Brodie, Chair of the National Zero Waste Council and Heather Schoemaker, General Manager, Metro Vancouver’s External Relations Department and Director, National Zero Waste Council Secretariat.

The NZWC has been at the forefront of the circular economy movement in Canada, bringing together leaders from industry, business, government, academia and non-profit sectors. The Council now has over 100 members, and unites six of Canada’s largest metropolitan regions with other government, business and community sector leaders from across the country in a call for national action and systems change to address waste generation.

It has broadly influenced Canadian businesses, governments and communities across the country – raising awareness of the problem and the solutions by convening dialogues, creating tools and resources, and identifying best practices and possible solutions.  One such example is the National Food Waste Strategy, designed to dramatically cut the amount of food waste disposed in landfills and, while doing so, provide major benefits for the Canadian economy, our environment and our communities. Another example was advocating for a tax incentive to encourage businesses to donate nutritious food to charitable organizations. In September 2016, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities also adopted the tax incentive as policy, paving the way for discussions with the federal government.

From a local government perspective, Chair Moore led Metro Vancouver in the development of its Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan. He has also been advocating across Canada alongside Brodie and Schoemaker; for waste prevention as a preferred environmental option for municipalities, and sharing the Metro Vancouver regional district’s own expertise and insights to other municipalities across Canada. For example, Metro Vancouver is among the leaders on municipal waste diversion and has therefore much to share on topics such as organics diversion, developing behaviour change campaigns like the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, and actions to keep priority materials out of the landfill.  The National Zero Waste Council is also now supporting local governments in their efforts to apply a “circular cities” approach.

All three nominees have worked across Canada to encourage local governments and businesses to integrate waste prevention and circular economy thinking across their operations. This recognition for their contributions is well-deserved. Please join us in extending our congratulations and thanks to Moore, Brodie, and Schoemaker for their efforts on behalf of the NZWC.

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