NZWC Design Portfolio Showcases Canadian Success Stories and Call for Submissions

Businesses across Canada are making sustainability efforts a key part of their business practices. Some are going even further and see designing waste out of the products they produce or the packaging used an integral part of their image. The National Zero Waste Council’s Product Design Portfolio recognizes and celebrates these waste prevention leaders.

The National Zero Waste Council’s Product Design Portfolio is a showcase of Canadian products and packaging in the market that demonstrate the highest levels of zero waste design principles. Each product or packaging featured in the Portfolio has been evaluated by an external panel of experts to evaluate its success meeting key principles for waste prevention and systems-thinking at all stages of its life-cycle;  from manufacture to use and then through to end-of-life.

Design can play a pivotal role in waste prevention if it is a criteria that guides decisions through out the life cycle of a product or packaging.  The Council has developed key principles for waste prevention or circular economy design and has engaged a panel of external subject matter experts to adjudicate all submissions to the Design Portfolio.

As the current composition of the Design Portfolio demonstrates, leaders in this space range from global brands with big budgets for R & D, to small entrepreneurs willing to take risks with unproven ideas. From breakfast cereal to office furniture to the packaging for lotions, the Design Portfolio demonstrates that design principles for waste prevention are not an just an abstract notion or aspirational goal. They are already being applied to products and packaging in Canadian markets.

We’re honoured to be part of an organization that’s bringing awareness to companies that are doing good,” says Toni Desrosiers, owner of the natural food wrap company Abeego, featured in the design portfolio. “So frequently we’re focused on all of the terrible things that are happening in the world, and I think that when we focus on good, we’re inspired to do more good ourselves. It’s nice to be part of a company that can inspire people to think differently.”

You can check out Canadian products and packaging leaders included in the Portfolio as well as the list of design principles used to assess them at: Design Portfolio.

2018 Call for Submissions

The 2018 call for submissions for the NZWC Product Design Portfolio is now open – with the results to be announced and showcased at this year’s Zero Waste Conference.

Do you have, or know of, a product or packaging that you think belongs in the Council’s Design Portfolio?  You can submit an application found in the NZWC Product Design Portfolio.

The Design Principles for Waste Prevention infographic highlights the ‘big picture’ factors that are key ingredients for how to minimize or prevent waste in products and packaging. The additional information on the Principles for Waste Prevention and Systems-Thinking web page dives even deeper, with explanations of the holistic concepts that can be used in design by businesses or by those interested in the transition to a circular economy.  And a ‘Key Questions’ checklist ensures you are asking the right questions at each stage of the life cycle of your product or packaging — whether you are starting fresh, or modifying an existing design.

If you have additional questions about the Design Portfolio, please contact:

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